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Rose Articles

Horizon Roses

Each year a book of commentary on new exhibition roses is published. It's called Horizon Roses and is available for $8 ($10 appreciated) from Johbny Premeaux 700 Westbury, Orange, Texas 77630. This year, I am looking at this publication with special interest because I am buying a house... (read more)

Watch Out for Rose Rosette

Rose rosette, a disease new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has appeared in a few local rose gardens in recent years. Recognition of its symptoms, coupled with early detection, is the key to nipping it in the bud... (more)

How to plant Roses

Potted Rose: Carefully unpot, plant in soaked soil at the level it was in the pot...(more)

Peggy Martin Rose

Her parents, Rosalie and Pivon Dupuy, fell victim to the storm. The hurricane roared over Plaquemines Parish, flooding everything in the Phoenix, Louisiana, home where Peggy and her husband, M.J., had raised their two sons. The saltwater poured over the levees and rose up over 20 feet, covering everything for more than two weeks... (Read more)

National EarthKind
Trial Garden

Located in Gussie Field Watterworth Park, the National EarthKind™ Trial Rose Garden is the flagship of environmental horticultural research for the country... (Read more)

AARS Gardens
at Farmers Branch

Among the beauty of the Farmers Branch gardens is a tiny space where new roses are being tested, evaluated, and their performance recorded. It is the 2008 All-America Rose Selection Test Garden in the Farmers Branch Historical Park... (Read more)

ARS News

Consulting Rosarian

First, you must be an American Rose Society member for three years ... (read more)

ARS President Speaks

After the recent spate of vicious weather in much of the country, I’m sure that spring and rose-related activities are the furthest things from many rosarians' minds. Nonetheless, February is the month that gardening starts to perk in warm and moderate areas of the U.S. and the sap begins to rise in our roses and rose growers... (Read more)

ARS Membership Benefits

Here are some other reminders of the services and advantages of being part of ARS. There are a multitude of Power Point programs available to local rose societies for presentation at meetings. The special interest quarterlies are available on the ARS web site – free to members...(Read more)

Planting the Seed For ARS

Every member of ARS developed an interest in roses from some experience. Sharing those experiences will interest the membership and provide ways that members can spread the hobby and interest others...(Read more)

Best Roses for N. Texas

Roses of the Fort Worth
Botanical Gardens

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden was originally designated as the Fort Worth Rose Garden and roses have remained a focal point since it was built in 1934. Roses of the Fort Botanical Gardens...(Read more)

FWRS CR's Tell You How

You Can Grow Roses and the Fort Worth Rose Society can help. (Read more)


Old Garden Roses

A Primer on Old Garden Roses

Old Garden Roses (OGR's) are those classes of roses which were known before 1867, the date the first hybrid tea, La France, was introduced...(Read more)

ARS OGR Journal

The World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) Triennial Con-vention, held last June in
Vancouver, British Columbia, featured a number of excellent speakers and presenters from
around the world, to include ARS President Steve Jones. (Read more)

Lavender Pink

Delicately pointed lavender petals with a yellow base give this little rose a sweet appearance to go with its sweet scent... (Read more)

Old Garden Rose Renaissance

Foreshadowed by modern hybrids, old roses have been overlooked in this century; but now there is a renaissance afoot to restore the older varieties to their rightful place in the garden... (Read more)

Old Garden Roses Easy
To Grow

Old Garden Roses are beautiful, fragrant and easy to grow.  They can live with neglect but thrive with care. (Read more)

Showing Roses

This Web Site Devoted
To Showing Roses is pleased to announce its affiliation with a new organization, the sole purpose of which is to promote the public exhibition of roses in their most perfect phase of possible beauty. (Read more)

Showing Roses Not Difficult

Showing roses is not difficult and in many cases you don't even have to be a Club or Society member. (Read more)

Organic Gardening

Organic Way Protects
Your Family

Maintaining an organic yard is an excellent way to protect your family, pets, and wildlife from harmful chemicals. It is also an excellent way to help create a sustainable environment... (Read more)

Organic Rose Gardening

Roses have acquired the reputation of being fussy plants. We’ve all heard that to grow beautiful roses requires chemicals and systemics. Is it possible to grow roses organically? Of course. (Read more)

Companion Plants

Companions to EarthKind™ Roses

Well illustrated slide set describing tough and beautiful plants that harmonize well with Earth-Kind roses, both in appearance as well as environmental tolerances. Prepared by Steve Huddleston, Senior Horticulturist, Fort Worth Botanical Garden. (See a Power Point File)

Ten Great Shade Plants

Shade loving plants seem to have it all figured out.  They’ve made their home out of the scorching summer sun. (Read more)


Insect Control

Thrips Control

Many North Texas rosarians are experiencing damage by thrips. Kimberly Schofield, entomologist for Texas A&M, recommends:

"I think the best way for control now is a combo of sprays and systemics for western flower thrips. Spray controls would be Spinosad™ or Permethrin™. Systemic insecticides would be Dinotefuran™ or Imidacloprid™," according to Kimberly.

Read her blog ...

August Pest Alert!

As you may have noticed, the field crickets are showing their faces a little earlier this year. Crickets are normally an outdoor insect, usually found under rocks, logs or any crack or crevice... (read more)

Use of Oils to Control Insects

The use of oils as part of a control program is becoming more favored instead of using synthetic pesticides. Oils can be distilled from petroleum such as horticultural oils, Volck oils, summer oils, dormant oils or mineral oils or oils can be extracted from plants and animals such as neem oil or fish oils...(Read more)

Managing Insects on Roses

Detecting and identifying pests are the first steps in managing insects attacking roses. Inspect plants regularly for pests and the injury they produce.... (Read more)

These Insects Are Harmful
To Roses

Popillia japonica Also some-times known as the Chafer Beetle Rose chafer and garden chafer are two different varieties... (Read more)

Why Can't I Grow Roses?

The guilt and frustration level can be heard in their voices.  How is it that a college educated, well-read person has such a poor success rate with a project that gardening books deem doable by any eight-year old? (Read more)

EarthKind™ Roses

What are EarthKind™ Roses?

Earth-Kind Roses are among the most thoroughly tested, and environmentally responsible plants for the use in Texas landscapes.... (Read more)

What Is EarthKind™ Landscaping?

Earth-Kind Landscaping uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum gardening and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting our environment.... (Read more)

About EarthKind™ Roses

Earth-Kind is an important designation given to select roses by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.... (Read more)

Varieties of EarthKind Roses

There are 21 varieties of EarthKind™ roses listed. Here are images and detailed information.... (Read more)

Slide Presentation on EarthKind™

This slide presentation describes the rationale for seeking Earth-Kind roses, how they are evaluated, promoted, and maintained....(Read more) (See a Power Point Slide Show)


Articles on Soil

Quick 12-Rose Bed

That’s it! No more Mr. Niceguy! When Neighbor Bob built his Wife-Jane a rose bed last Winter you expected that you would have to listen to Bob talk about his flowers. But now this! There are a dozen of the most-beautiful roses you have even seen, and Bob is standing in your kitchen explaining his satisfaction at such floricultural perfection. You can’t just do nothing ... (read more)

FWRS CR's Tell You How

You Can Grow Roses and the Fort Worth Rose Society can help. (Read more)

Preparing Rose
Garden Soils

Spring is the time to begin thinking about the soil in your rose garden -- either renovating old soil in an existing garden or preparing for a new garden.

The four main elements of good rose soil are... (Read more)

Preparing the Ideal Soil 

Soil is the foundation on which your roses will either stand or fall. This can not be understated. Preparation of the soil is 90% of the work. So any skimping here greatly reduces your future bouquets. (Read more)

Little Bit of Work Here
Saves Down the Road

Soil is more than just dirt. It is more than clay, silt, sand, and dead plant matter. It is a complex pile of fungi, bacteria, worms and other organisms working together in a continuously changing environment. (Read more)

Social Media Articles 

Find us on Facebook

Find the Fort Worth Rose Society on Facebook. We keep up with all the latest roses and meeting around the American Rose Society and the South Central District. (Read more)

Boosting Web Site Visitation

There are many ways to boost web site participation though social media and get more visitors. Perhaps they will join us. (read more)